Charan/ November 26, 2011/ Agile

I recently presented “Agile Project Management using Kanban & Theory of Constraints” at the PMI-NB lunch-and-learn and at Project World Business Analyst World Atlantic Canada. Since I got a lot of requests for the presentation, I figured this would be an easier way to distribute it to everyone. Feel free to write to me with comments, questions or clarifications. You will need the Critical Chain and Kanban combination if your customers insist on following traditional project management practices of forecasting and scheduling to deliver the project on time and within budget.

Agile Project Management using Kanban & Theory of Constraints (will open in a new window. approx 4MB)

If you have any issues with the download, write to me at iqisminc at gmaildotcom. Also, feel free to start a conversation if you disagree or have an idea on how to improve this process or simply keep in touch.

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